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At Cottage Hill Water Works, Inc., We are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

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Disconnect Notice

February 16, 2024

Cut-off days have changed to the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

The March 2024 cut-off day will be 03/12/24.  This will be for non-payment of the Feb 1st billing due date.  The current bills mailed out on February 16 and are due 03/01/24.  If this bill notes a PAST DUE balance remaining from the Feb 1 due date - you may be subject to cutoff on 03/12/24.  

A penalty fee will still apply to any balance remaining after the 10th of every month.  Again, if a PAST DUE is noted on the left side of the current bill, that amount must be paid no later than Monday 03/11/23 by 4pm. 

If water service is disconnected, the FULL balance due, plus a reconnection fee must be paid in full to restore...

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Welcome Spring! Time to Check for Water Leaks

Welcome Spring! Time to Check for Water Leaks

March 01, 2024

This March, we welcome sunnier days and the changing of season! Most importantly, we find and fix any water leaks from the winter season.

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