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Disconnect Notice

Cut-off days have changed to the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

The March 2024 cut-off day will be 03/12/24.  This will be for non-payment of the Feb 1st billing due date.  The current bills mailed out on February 16 and are due 03/01/24.  If this bill notes a PAST DUE balance remaining from the Feb 1 due date - you may be subject to cutoff on 03/12/24.  

A penalty fee will still apply to any balance remaining after the 10th of every month.  Again, if a PAST DUE is noted on the left side of the current bill, that amount must be paid no later than Monday 03/11/23 by 4pm. 

If water service is disconnected, the FULL balance due, plus a reconnection fee must be paid in full to restore service.